Jeremy Paxman

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Jeremy Dickson Paxman[2][3] (born 11 May 1950) is a British journalist, author and television presenter. He has worked for the BBC since 1977. He is noted for a forthright and abrasive interviewing style, particularly when interrogating politicians. His regular appearances on the BBC2's Newsnight programme have been criticised as aggressive, intimidating, condescending and irreverent, yet applauded as tough and incisive.[4] He is also noted as the question master of the revived University Challenge, taking over from Bamber Gascoigne from 1994.


Early life

Paxman was born in Leeds. His father, Keith Paxman, served in the North Atlantic Fleet.[citation needed] His mother, Joan, born 1920, was a housewife.[5] Paxman is the eldest of four children and has two brothers, one of whom, Giles, is the British Ambassador to Spain (having previously held the same post in Mexico), and a sister, Jenny, a producer at BBC Radio.

He was brought up in Yorkshire and Peopleton, Worcestershire. He attended Malvern College[6] from 1964 to 1968, Charterhouse School and read English at St Catharine's College, Cambridge,[7] where he edited the undergraduate newspaper Varsity.[3][8][9] While at Cambridge, Paxman was briefly a member of the Labour Club.

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