John Clark (Tom Clancy character)

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John Clark (real name John Terrence Kelly) is a fictional character created by Tom Clancy who appears in many of Clancy's novels. He is an Irish American Catholic.


Personal life

John Kelly was born in 1944 in Indianapolis, Indiana. His father, Timothy Kelly, was a fireman who perished from a heart attack during a fire while saving two children. John lost his mother to cancer when he was a young boy.

His first wife, Patricia, for whom his second daughter would eventually be named, was killed in a car accident when her car went under a line haul tractor/trailer unit. She was pregnant at the time.

Six months after his wife died, Kelly spent a brief period of time in a relationship with Pamela Madden. Pamela was a former prostitute who had been forced into working for a drug ring, and she worked with Kelly to bring her former captors to justice. Together, they scouted out the area in which Pamela used to work, intending to share the information with a police contact of Kelly's. While there, Pam was spotted by her former captors and a chase ensued. Thinking that he had lost them, Kelly stopped to talk to Pamela. The traffickers, however, caught up to Kelly's vehicle and shot him, capturing Pamela. She was later tortured, murdered and her body dumped in a fountain.

While recovering from his injuries at Johns Hopkins Hospital, he met his future wife, Sandra "Sandy" O'Toole. They eventually had two daughters, Patricia Doris and Margaret Pamela. The girls' middle names were taken from two girls who Kelly temporarily rescued from the drug ring. Patricia, a doctor, went on to marry Domingo "Ding" Chavez, who worked with Kelly (at this point having adopted the identity of John Clark) in the CIA, in a black operation in Colombia, and later as an assault team leader at RAINBOW. In Rainbow Six, Patricia gave birth to a son, John Conor Chavez, making Clark a grandfather.

Professional life

Clark originally joined the Navy (as John Terrence Kelly) during the Vietnam War, where he became a Navy SEAL and participated in several special operations, one of which was the rescue of a naval aviator shot down over North Vietnam. After his first tour of duty, Kelly retires from the service, but is later re-hired by the Central Intelligence Agency's (CIA) Special Activities Division Special Operations Group for another mission in Vietnam. At the same time at home, Kelly is carrying out his own war against a drug ring that killed his girlfriend, Pamela Madden; while he succeeds in taking it down, the Baltimore Police Department (including Emmet Ryan, Jack Ryan's father) eventually identifies him as the man who murdered the drug dealers. In response, Kelly fakes his own death and goes to work for the CIA full-time, under the pseudonym "Mr. Clark". (See Without Remorse) His middle name appears variously with one and two 'R's, and the name "John Terence Clark" does appear in the novel Clear and Present Danger.

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