John III, Duke of Brabant

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Jan III van Brabant (1300 – December 5, 1355, Brussels), also called John III, the Triumphant[citation needed], was Duke of Brabant, Lothier, and Limburg (1312–1355).[1] He was the son of John II, Duke of Brabant and his wife Margaret, daughter of King Edward I of England and Eleanor of Castile.



In 1311, as his father's gesture of rapprochement with France, John married Marie d'Évreux (d. 1335), the daughter of count Louis d'Évreux and Margaret of Artois. They had six children:

John and the towns of Brabant

The early fourteenth century, an economic boom time for Brabant, marks the rise of the Duchy's towns, which depended on English wool for their essential cloth industry. During John's minority, the major towns of Brabant had the authority to appoint councillors to direct a regency, under terms of the Charter of Kortenberg granted by his father in the year of his death (1312). By 1356 his daughter and son-in-law were forced to accept the famous Joyous Entry as a condition for their recognition, so powerful had the States of Brabant become.

The marital alignment with France was tested and failed as early as 1316, when Louis X requested Brabant to cease trade with Flanders and to participate in a French attack; the councillors representing the towns found this impossible, and in reprisal Louis prohibited all French trade with Brabant in February 1316, in violation of a treaty of friendship he had signed with Brabant in the previous October.

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