Jonathan Archer

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Jonathan Archer is a fictional character in the Star Trek franchise. He is the protagonist of the television series Star Trek: Enterprise, where he is played by Scott Bakula. Archer also plays a major role in the formation of the United Federation of Planets.

Archer is captain of the first starship Enterprise (NX-01) from 2151 to 2161, and is later President of the United Federation of Planets from 2184 to 2192.

According to a computer display in the episode "In a Mirror, Darkly", historian John Gill considered Archer "the greatest explorer of the 22nd century." The same display states that two planets were named after Archer: Archer IV and Archer's Planet.

Archer's favorite sport is water polo. He has a pet beagle named Porthos.




Archer, the son of famed warp engineer Henry Archer and his wife Sally, was born in 2112 in Upstate New York, where he spent most of his formative years; he later claimed to have spent the majority of his life in San Francisco. His dreams of exploring started as a boy. As a youth, Archer earned the Eagle Scout Award, along with 26 Merit Badges, from the Boy Scouts of America.

Archer grew up with a distrust of Vulcans, perceiving them as having held back Humanity's progress, particularly with regard to his father's warp five engine. It is strongly suggested in several episodes ("The Seventh", among others) that prior to joining Starfleet, he studied at and played water polo for Stanford University just south of San Francisco. (Starfleet Academy would not be founded until 2161.)

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