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1984 (1st edition) 1985 (2nd edition)

Jorune, or Skyrealms of Jorune, is a science-fantasy role-playing game set among the Skyrealms - floating "islands" of earth levitated by mysterious crystals in the crust of an alien planet. Three editions of the game were published from 1984 until 1992, but all are currently out of print. The buildings, races, and bizarre creatures of Jorune were brought to life by the realistic artwork of illustrator Miles Teves.


Skyrealms of Jorune was based on a science-fantasy background (of the planetary romance subtype) created by Andrew Leker, initially for a school writing assignment. The setting was somewhat comparable to the Barsoom of the John Carter novels of Edgar Rice Burroughs, in that it was a barbaric fantasy world populated by sword-wielding heroes who encountered strange alien beings and technologies.

The game's setting was quite different from other role-playing games of the time. However it had some features in common with Tekumel. These included the idea of humans colonising a distant planet and subsequently losing contact with the rest of humanity (a dimensional rift in Tekumel's case, civil war in Jorune's) leading to the regression of the colonist's society and war against the planet's native inhabitants.

The game's setting, the planet Jorune, was colonized by successive waves of inhabitants after the evolution of the native life forms ("Jorune creatures"), including the insectoid Cleash, the bizarre Thriddle, and the broadly humanoid Ramian, culminating in the invasion of the Human race. By the time game play begins, the human race has evolved into three subspecies differentiated by size and facility with Isho (the magic-like energy of the setting): regular Humans; the small, Isho-adept Muadra; and the large, Isho-resistant Boccord. Four additional PC races, the Blount, Crugar, Bronth, and Woffen, are bipedal, genetically-engineered descendants of Earth animals (frogs, cougars, bears, and wolves, respectively).

Conflict and interaction between the various alien species on Jorune drove some of the drama of individual adventures, as did the exploration of the planet's surface, which was littered with powerful prehistoric artifacts originating variously with the initial Human settlement (typically blaster weapons and other "advanced technology") or the Shanthas, the native sentient lifeform (typically instruments for Isho manipulation).

Some game terms were derived from the language of Jorune, such as the use of "Sholari" ("teacher") for the gamemaster or "Isho" for the system of magic.


Alien Logic: A Skyrealms of Jorune Adventure, a DOS based RPG published in 1994, is based in the Skyrealms game-universe.

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