Joshua Jackson

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Joshua Carter Jackson (born June 11, 1978) is a Canadian-American actor. He has appeared in primetime television and in over 32 film roles. He is best known for playing Charlie Conway in The Mighty Ducks film series, Pacey Witter in the television series Dawson's Creek and Peter Bishop in the television series Fringe.


Early life

Joshua Carter Jackson was born[1] in Vancouver, British Columbia, the son of Fiona Jackson, a casting director, and John Carter.[2] Jackson's father is from Texas[3] and his mother is a native of Ballyfermot, Dublin, Ireland, having emigrated to North America in the late 1960s.[4][5] He was raised Catholic.[6][7] He has a sister, Aisleagh,[8] and two half-brothers, Lyman and Jonathan Carter from his father's first marriage. Jackson grew up in California until the age of 8. Not long after his sister was born in California, his parents divorced and Jackson, his mother and sister then moved to Seattle,[9] where he attended Einstein Middle School in Shoreline, Washington. Shortly thereafter, he moved back to Vancouver with his mother and younger sister. He attended Ideal Mini School and later switched to Kitsilano Secondary School. In an interview with The New York Times, Jackson said he was kicked out of high school once because of The Jon Stewart Show: "[The show] played, at least where I grew up, at 1:30 in the morning, so I would stay up at night to watch Jon Stewart, but then I'd be too tired—or too lazy—to go to school in the morning. So I'd just take the first couple of classes off, 'cause I wanted to be fresh when I got there."[10] He claims that the first time was because of "attitude" problems and that he "wasn't in the school spirit".

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