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Køge (pronounced [ˈkøːə] or [ˈkøːjə], older spelling Kjøge) is a seaport on the coast of Køge Bugt (Bay of Køge) 39 km southwest of Copenhagen and the principal town and seat of Køge Municipality, Region Sjælland, Denmark. As of 2010, the urban area had a population of 34,937.[1]

Owing to the natural harbour and strategic location, Køge has a long history as a market town which is today witnessed by a well-preserved old town centre with many half-timbered houses

Køge is located within the Copenhagen metropolitan area and connected to downtown Copenhagen by the E line of the S-train commuter rail system. Køge is also located on a new rail lie under constructed between between Copenhagen and Ringsted, due for completion in 2018. It will make Køge a central hub in Denmark's transport system.[2]



Køge was officially founded in 1288, when the town became a market town, as a contrast to the ecclesiastical center at that time - Roskilde, and was an important merchant town during the late Middle Ages.

During the local witchhunt, called Køge Huskors (1608–1615), at least 15 persons were convicted of witchcraft and burned at the stake. Køge suffered during the wars between Denmark and Sweden (1643–1720) and in 1807 the town and the surrounding area was the scene of the Battle of Køge between British and Danish troops. Køge remained a small town until the late 19th century, when industrial development and population growth began. Today, Køge is the main part of the 18th largest urban area in Denmark.

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