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Kangasala is a municipality in Finland, next to Tampere. It was founded in 1865. The municipality has a population of 28,638 (31 October 2010)[2] and covers an area of 649.8 square kilometres (250.9 sq mi) of which 160.55 km2 (61.99 sq mi) is water.[1] The population density is 58.53 inhabitants per square kilometre (151.6 /sq mi).

It is famous for its natural beauty, as depicted by Zacharias Topelius in his poem Kesäpäivä Kangasalla (made into a song by Gabriel Linsén). It is also known for its mansions, such as Liuksiala where Swedish queen Karin Månsdotter lived, and Wääksy. Kangasala has a long history of tourism.

The lakes Roine, Längelmävesi and Vesijärvi are located in Kangasala. Of these the two first are mentioned in the famous poem, and Vesijärvi is the lake by which the scenic overlook described in the lyrics is situated.

The municipality of Sahalahti was consolidated to Kangasala on 1 January 2005, and the municipality of Kuhmalahti on 1 January 2011.[6]



The healing springs

Kangasala was a popular destination already in the 18th century. The water of the Kuohu Spring (Kuohunlähde) was believed to have healing effects. At that time, refreshing in a health spa bathing, taking outdoor exercise and enjoying healing waters was fashionable amongst the aristocracy. It was also why the first real tourists in Kangasala came to spend their holidays there.

A spa was built by the Kuohu Spring which was a little later followed by a separate restaurant and hotel building. Even people from more distant places came to refresh themselves there, preferably at least once a year. At the same time travelers had a good chance to exchange news, discuss with each other and find out about the latest trends of fashion. Spa tourism can probably be considered a predecessor of modern holidaymaking. At that time, however, it was primarily a pastime of the noble and the prosperous bourgeoisie only.

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