Karen Blixen

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Baroness Karen von Blixen-Finecke (17 April 1885 – 7 September 1962), née Karen Christenze Dinesen, was a Danish author also known by her pen name Isak Dinesen. She also wrote under the pen names Osceola and Pierre Andrézel. Blixen wrote works in both Danish and in English.

Blixen is best known for Out of Africa, her account of living in Kenya, and one of her stories, Babette's Feast, both of which have been adapted into highly acclaimed, Academy Award-winning motion pictures. Prior to the release of the first film, she was noted for her Seven Gothic Tales, for which she is also known in Denmark.

Peter Englund, permanent secretary of the Swedish Academy, described as "a mistake" that Blixen was not awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature during the 1930s.[1] In Denmark, her place among 20th century Danes is second in prominence only to physicist Niels Bohr.[citation needed]



Early years

Karen Dinesen was the daughter of writer and army officer Wilhelm Dinesen, and Ingeborg Westenholz, and was the sister of Thomas Dinesen. Her father's family, which she saw rarely, was aristocratic. Her mother came from a wealthy Unitarian bourgeois family. She spent her early years in the bourgeois environment of her mother's estate in Rungsted, on the island of Zealand, in Denmark. She was later schooled in art in Copenhagen, Paris, and Rome.

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