Ken Griffey, Jr.

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George Kenneth "Ken" Griffey, Jr. (born November 21, 1969), nicknamed "Junior" and "The Kid", is a former Major League Baseball center fielder. Griffey was both one of the most prolific home run hitters and best defensive players in baseball history, fifth on the list of most career home runs, and is tied for the record of most consecutive games with a home run.[1] Griffey, playing for the Seattle Mariners, Cincinnati Reds and the Chicago White Sox, won 10 Gold Glove awards and appeared in 13 All-Star games. Upon his retirement, AP noted: "In his prime, Ken Griffey Jr. was considered the best player in baseball." [2] Throughout his major league baseball career, Griffey was a popular player and a fan favorite around the league. Griffey attained widespread recognition by signing lucrative deals with companies of international prominence like Nike and Nintendo (owners of the Mariners); his popularity reflected well upon MLB and is credited[by whom?] with helping restore its image after the 1994 labor dispute.


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