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Coordinates: 51°21′45″N 0°01′38″E / 51.3625°N 0.0271°E / 51.3625; 0.0271

Keston was a one-time village in Kent, now part of the London Borough of Bromley. It lies on the edge of Hayes Common.

Its small church is unusual in that does not have a dedication to a saint.

The River Ravensbourne has its source at Keston Ponds. The "London LOOP" walk passes the ponds (where many a small boy caught his first roach, perch &c.) on its way from Farnborough to West Wickham.

Keston village is served by two Transport for London bus links, the 146 Bromley North - Downe; 246 Bromley North - Westerham (Chartwell during the summer).


Keston Park

Keston also has a gated community called Keston Park where exclusive homes are located. Keston Park covers an area of approximately 140 acres (0.57 km2) and supports approximately 200 residential properties of high architectural and spatial standards.[1]

The Park is bounded by Westerham Road to the west, Croydon Road to the north and Farnborough Common to the north east.

There are eight roads in the Park namely:

Beech Dell, Forest Drive, Forest Ridge, Holwood Park Avenue, Longdon Wood, Mark Close, Ninhams Wood, Pine Glade

The land on which the Park stands was part of the Holwood Estate owned by the Earl of Derby.

Its most famous past resident is undoubtedly former prime minister Margaret Thatcher who with her late husband Denis raised their then young children, Mark and Carol. Others include Rolling Stone, Bill Wyman, Arsenal and England footballer, Kenny Sansom, and founder of Direct Line, Peter Woods.

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