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Kilo Ali (born May 1, 1973), formerly Kilo, is an American rap music Artist from Atlanta, Georgia.[1] Kilo Ali recorded mainly bass music (described more closely to miami bass style music), but also hip hop tracks with a less distinctive southern flavor. His most well known singles include "Show Me Love",[2] "Baby Baby",[3] and "Love In Ya Mouth".

As Kilo Ali, he released Organized Bass in 1997 on Interscope with featured artists including George Clinton, Cee-Lo from Goodie Mob, JT Money as well as Big Boi from OutKast.

Kilo Ali resides in Atlanta. His new mixtape will be released in early 2011, followed by his latest album "Heiroglyphics" scheduled for release also in early 2011.He is exclusively represented by LazerBeam Megatainment as of 2010. He can be found on Facebook as Andrell Kilo Ali Rogers.




  • 1991: America Has a Problem
  • 1992: A-Town Rush (#67 U.S. Rap)
  • 1993: Bluntly Speaking
  • 1993: Git Wit Da Program
  • 1994: The Best And the Bass
  • 1995: Get This Party Started (#57 U.S. Rap)
  • 1997: Organized Bass (#173 U.S., #44 U.S. Rap)
  • 2011: Heiroglyphics



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