Kimball Township, Michigan

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Kimball Township is a civil township of St. Clair County in the U.S. state of Michigan. As of the 2000 census, the township population was 8,628.



  • Kimball is a small unincorporated community near the center of the township at 42°56′53″N 82°33′45″W / 42.94806°N 82.5625°W / 42.94806; -82.5625.[3] Land purchases were made as early as 1825 but settlement did not begin until about 1840 when Barzillai Wheeler and John S. Kimball arrived. When the township was organized in 1855, it was named for Kimball. It was a station on the Port Huron and Northwestern Railway in 1882 and was given a post office as "Kimbal" in December 1882. The spelling was corrected to Kimball in January 1889 and the office closed in June 1908.[4]
  • Smiths Creek is a small unincorporated community the southwestern corner of Kimball Township and the northern portion of Saint Clair Township on the Smiths Creek tributary of the Pine River at 42°54′50″N 82°36′14″W / 42.91389°N 82.60389°W / 42.91389; -82.60389.[5] Both the community and the stream were named for Elisha Smith, an early landowner. A post office was established in October 1861. It was given a station on the Grand Trunk Railroad line in 1865. Smiths Creek was the county seat of St. Clair County from 1869 until April 1871, when it was removed to Port Huron.[4] The St. Clair County Sanitary Landfill is located in Smiths Creek. Smiths Creek is said to be where Thomas Edison was kicked off the train, because of his experiments. The train depot is now at Greenfield Village, a part of The Henry Ford Museum. The Smiths Creek ZIP code, 48074, serves all of Kimball Township.[6]
  • Sparlingville is on the west side of the township at 42°57′52″N 82°31′23″W / 42.96444°N 82.52306°W / 42.96444; -82.52306.[7] It was founded by George Sparling, a builder and land developer about 1923.[4] Sparlingville was at one time an incorporated area.[citation needed] The Kimball Township hall is located near Sparlingville, the fire hall, library, and Sparlingville Elementary are located in the community. Sparlingville is made up of mostly low-income housing and is surrounded by farmland.
  • Wadhams is in the northeast corner of the township at 42°59′14″N 82°32′19″W / 42.98722°N 82.53861°W / 42.98722; -82.53861.[8] In 1825, a Scotsman Robert Smart, with the backing of Detroit interests, built a mill on the Black River. He named the place "Clyde Mills", after the River Clyde in Scotland, where Smart had lived as a boy. In 1827, Smart sold the mill to Ralph Wadhams. A post office with the name Clyde Mills operated from March 1835 until December 1872. Clyde Township was organized in March 1836 and took its name from the settlement. When first organized, Clyde Township encompassed the area of what are now 20 townships. When Kimball Township was set off in 1855, the settlement by which Clyde Township derived its name became part of a different township; a fact with reportedly greatly disappointed Ralph Wadhams. A post office was operated with the name "Wadhams" from June 1886 through October 1887, and again from February 1890 until October 1905.[4][9] Wadhams has experienced many new developments due to its close proximity to Interstate 69 and Old M-21 (the former route of M-21.)

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