Knight Sabers

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The Knight Sabers are a mercenary team of four young women. To enhance their natural abilities, they each wear a Hard Suit - each of them specialized in its equipment and performance according to the respective wearer's field combat role. They were recruited by Sylia Stingray to battle the corrupt Genom corporation that dominates their home city of Mega Tokyo and which was responsible for her father's death. In order to finance their activities, the Knight Sabers also accept paying jobs as bodyguards or mercenaries. Their main activity is fighting out-of-control boomers, half biological/half-mechanical robots built by Genom.

Sylia Stingray

Sylia Stingray is the ring leader of the Knight Sabers. She is the daughter of Dr. Katsuhito Stingray, the man who originally created the boomers. He was murdered by Genom executive Brian J. Mason, and his death was covered up as an accident, but an unknown individual managed to send Sylia a data unit, providing her with Genom's future plans and the technological means of creating the Knight Sabers' hardsuits. She wears a blue and silver Hard Suit equipped with retractable sword blades in the forearms, laser cannons in the palms and wings for full flight capability.

Professionally, Sylia is a wealthy businesswoman whose business ventures, aside from the mercenaries' fee, finance the team. Her primary business is the lingerie shop "Silky Doll" she personally runs, housed in her private building, Lady's 633, on whose top is also her penthouse apartment functioning as the Knight Sabers' base of operations. Her civilian vehicle is a red Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing coupe.

Several questions about Sylia and her origins are raised in the series, but, due to the incompletion of the OVA series, never conclusively answered.

In the 2040 series, Sylia takes a less active role, only suiting up occasionally for particular tough enemies, or for personal vendettas. It is also revealed in the 2040 series that the Knight Sabers are the 2nd team she has lead. The first team used more conventional hardsuits and were killed in combat. Unlike the original series, in the 2040 story Sylia finances the team completely, and pays the other women double combat pay for tougher enemies.

Sylia is voiced by Yoshiko Sakakibara.

Priss Asagiri

Priscilla "Priss" S. Asagiri is the moody and defiant member of the Knight Sabers, fighting boomers with ferocious abandon in her slick dark blue Hard Suit, which features a rail gun in the right hand as well as a laser gun in the original series and her signature knuckle bombers (explosive charges in both hands of her hard suit) in both series; in the Bubblegum Crash series the suit becomes a modular core system to which a variety of selective heavy weapons can be attached. In the Crisis series, her Hard Suit also combines with her Motoslave (a motorcycle that transforms into an automated mecha or an exosuit) to combat more-advanced Boomers.

In both Crisis and Crash, Priss is a rock singer as well as a motorcyclist with a love/hate relationship with AD Policeman Leon McNichol. She is an orphan of the 2025 Kantō earthquake, who joined a biker gang. After her boyfriend was killed and his death declared insignificant by the police (hence her dislike for the law enforcement), she attempted to hunt down the killers, but she was recruited into the Sabers instead. Priss' rebellious streak is tempered by a good heart and sense of humor, which may explain her ability to function in Sylia Stingray's demanding and disciplined operation. She essentially serves as the hammer of the outfit—as opposed to Sylia's leadership and genius, Nene's tech wizardry, and Linna's sleek athletic precision.

Priss was voiced by J-rock singer Kinuko Oomori in Bubblegum Crisis. J-pop singer Reiko Tachibana took over the role in Bubblegum Crash.

Linna Yamazaki

Linna Yamazaki is a member of the Knight Sabers and dons a green Hard Suit equipped with "ribbon cutters" - long, electrically-charged nanomolecular ropes mounted behind the helmet that can be used to slash through Boomers and other high-tech opponents. She is also armed with explosive "knuckle bombers" - explosive charges in the right hand of her hard suit that could deliver devastating blows, as well as a finger-mounted triplet laser gun. In Bubblegum Crash, the knuckle bombers and lasers are replaced with electrically charged twin wire-daggers.

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