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Kathleen Dee-Anne Stark, better known as Koo Stark (born 26 April 1956), is an American film actress and photographer.[1] She is perhaps best known for her appearance in the film Emily and subsequent relationship with Prince Andrew, son of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, before his marriage to Sarah, Duchess of York.


Early life

Her parents were the film producer Wilbur Stark (1912-1995) and New York television host Kathi Norris (1919-2005). She was educated privately in Manhattan at The Hewitt School . She moved to London at the age of sixteen.

Film and television acting

Her best known and most controversial performance was the lead role in the erotic film Emily (1976), which includes a scene in a shower with Stark and another woman. [2]. The soundtrack of that film included a title song written for the film by Rod McKuen, and was a late-night staple of early pay-cable channels such as HBO.[citation needed] She also played the part of Camie (sometimes spelled as “Cammie”) in the film Star Wars (1977). She appeared in two scenes, both of which were eventually removed.[3]. The role of Rost in the Doctor Who serial "Attack of the Cybermen" was meant for her but she allegedly had a disagreement with the production team over her fee and was replaced by Sarah Berger.[citation needed]

She appeared in an episode of the cult sci-fi tv show Red Dwarf (1989). In an alternate universe, Dave Lister is hugely successful, including being married to a gorgeous, titled wife, played by Stark.Template:Season 3,episode 5 Timeslides, played part of Lady Sabrina Mulholland-Jjones http://www.reddwarf.co.uk/guide/index.cfm She also had an uncredited role in "The Rocky Horror Picture Show".[4]

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