Korean reunification

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Korean reunification (Korean: 조국통일, also called 남북통일 (in the South, literally South-North Reunification) and 북남통일 (in the North, literally North-South Reunification)) refers to the hypothetical future reunification of North Korea and South Korea under a single government. The process towards this was started by the June 15th North-South Joint Declaration in August 2000, where the two countries agreed to work towards a peaceful reunification in the future.

However, there are a number of difficulties in this process due to the large political and economic differences between the two countries and other state actors such as the People's Republic of China, Russia, the United States and Japan. Short-term problems such as a large number of refugees from the North migrating into the South and initial economic and political instability would need to be overcome. Long-term problems such as cultural differences, contrasting political ideologies and possible discrimination will also need to be resolved.


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