Kristi Yamaguchi

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Kristine Tsuya "Kristi" Yamaguchi-Hedican (born July 12, 1971)[1] is an American figure skater and the 1992 Olympic Champion in women's singles. Yamaguchi also won two World Figure Skating Championships in 1991 and 1992 and a U.S. Figure Skating Championships in 1992. She won one junior world title in 1988 and two national titles in 1989 and 1990 as a pairs skater with Rudy Galindo. In December 2005, she was inducted into the U.S. Olympic Hall of Fame. Yamaguchi was a local commentator on figure skating for San Francisco TV station KNTV (NBC 11) during the 2006 Winter Olympics.[2] In 2008, Yamaguchi became the celebrity champion in the sixth season of Dancing with the Stars.


Early life

Yamaguchi was born in Hayward, California, to Jim Yamaguchi, a dentist, and Carole (née Doi), a medical secretary. Yamaguchi is Yonsei (fourth-generation Nikkei). Her paternal grandparents and maternal great-grandparents immigrated to the United States from Japan, originating from the Wakayama Prefecture and the Saga Prefecture.[3][4] Yamaguchi's grandparents were sent to an internment camp during World War II, where her mother was born.

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