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Laconia (Λακωνία), also known as Lacedaemonia, is a prefecture of Greece. Its administrative capital is Sparti (Sparta) and its main towns and cities are Amykles, Areopoli, Gytheio, Molaoi, Monemvasia, Mystras, Voies and Oinountas. It encompasses Cape Malea and Cape Tainaron and a large part of the Mani Peninsula.



It is bounded by the Taygetus mountains to the west with Messenia, Arcadia to the north and with the Parnon mountains to the northeast, the Myrtoan Sea to the east and the Gulf of Laconia and the Mediterranean Sea to the south. The islands of Cythera and Antikythera lie to the south, but they administratively belong to the prefecture of Piraeus.

The Evrotas is the longest river in the prefecture. The valley of the Evrotas is predominantly an agricultural region that contains many citrus groves, olive groves and pasture lands and most of all, oranges. It is the location of the largest orange production in the Peloponnese and probably all of Greece. The brand of orange juice named after this prefecture Lakonia is based in Amyclae and sells fresh orange juice entirely from this region.

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