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Lakefield is a national park in Queensland, Australia, 1,707 km northwest of Brisbane and 340km north-west of Cairns by road, on Cape York Peninsula. At 5,370 sq. km (2,073 sq. miles) making it bigger than Trinidad and Tobago and almost as big as Brunei) Lakefield is the second largest park in Queensland[1] and a favourite place for fishing and camping.

The park stretches from Princess Charlotte Bay in the north to the town of Laura. It covers 537,000 ha of land, and includes sections of the Normanby River, Morehead River and North Kennedy Rivers.[1]

Lakefield was gazetted in 1979.[1] There is a ranger station within the park which can assist with information or give help in emergencies. There is one main, unsealed road through the Park but it is impassable through much of the wet season (roughly from early December to April/May).


Fauna and flora

The park is known for its populations of waterbirds such as the brolga, sarus crane, black-necked stork, comb-crested Jacana and magpie geese.[1] In the woodland and grassland area the Agile Wallaby, Northern Nailtail Wallaby and Australian Bustard may be found.

Threatened species which are found in the park include the Golden-shouldered Parrot, Star Finch, Red Goshawk, Lakeland Downs Mouse and the Spectacled Hare-wallaby.[1]

Reptiles, amphibia and mammals are also present, sometimes in quite large numbers. Mammals include, dingoes, wallabies,possums, foxes, feral cattle and wild pigs. Wild pigs sometimes reach such large numbers that they have to be culled. Reptiles are represented by numerous species of snakes, with the brown snake and the taipan being the two most dangerous. Both are very poisonous and potentially lethal. Monitor lizards (goannas) are also fairly numerous, especially the yellow-spotted monitor Varanus panoptes. Frogs are also fairly numerous, especially the green tree frog, Litoria caerulea, but there are many others. The introduced cane toad is also present in the park, and may be competing with some of the native animals.

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