Landmark Education

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Not to be confused with the unrelated Landmark School

Harry Rosenberg: Director;[1] CEO
Mick Leavitt: President
Steven Zaffron: Director;[2] CEO, The Vanto Group
Art Schreiber: General Counsel; Chairman, BOD; Director[2]
Joan Rosenberg: Vice President, Centers Division; Director

Landmark Education LLC (LE) is a personal training and development company which offers educational programs in approximately 115 locations in more than 20 countries worldwide.[3][6][7][8]

An employee-owned, private company, it has its headquarters in San Francisco, California. Landmark Education delivers its courses primarily to individuals in a group setting.[3] The company's standard introductory course is The Landmark Forum.

Landmark Education had its origins in the purchase[9] of the intellectual property of Werner Erhard, who developed the est training program .[10] Werner Erhard's lawyer, Terry Giles,[11] serves as Chairman of the Board of Landmark Education.[12]

Since its founding in 1991, Landmark Education has developed other courses. Its subsidiary the Vanto Group (formerly Landmark Education Business Development, or LEBD, from 1993–2007), markets and delivers training and consulting to organizations.[13]


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