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The fictional universe of Star Wars contains many languages. The languages have a role in the story lines. Because of the various languages characters speak in Star Wars they often cannot understand each other. The character C-3PO is a translator fluent in over six million languages[1] who acts as a go-between for other characters in the stories.


Basic: the common intergalactic language

The spoken language most often heard, a lingua franca, in the Star Wars films and stories is Galactic Basic (shortened to Basic), although this name itself is never explicitly mentioned in the films.[2] Basic is heard or printed in the vernacular of the audience (English in English versions, Spanish in Spanish translations, etc.) and written in "Aurebesh", an alphabet which has letters corresponding to each of the 26 letters of the alphabet, as well as letters representing Latin letter combinations such as "th", "sh", "ng", etc.

Other Languages


Another lingua franca in the Star Wars Universe that is spoken by many groups and species is Huttese, spoken on Tatooine and other worlds in and around Hutt space. It is spoken in the films by both non-humans (Jabba the Hutt, Watto, Sebulba and others) and humans. In fact, the whole Max Rebo Band communicates and sings in Huttese. Its phonology is said to be based on the Quechua language.[3]

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