Latin hip hop

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Latin rap is not a homogeneous musical style but rather a term that covers all[citation needed] Hip-Hop music recorded by artists of Latino origin.


Early Latinos in hip hop music

According to B.Boy Omega, a writer for The Source, the first Latino in hip hop music was DJ Disco Wiz,[citation needed] a product of a Puerto Rican father and a Cuban mother who was born in The Bronx. DJ Disco Wiz, along with Casanova Fly (Grandmaster Caz), formed the pioneering Mighty Force Crew from 183rd Street and Valentine Avenue in the mid-1970s. Later on they both were joined by the first Latino MC, Prince Whipper Whip, a Puerto Rican[citation needed]. Whip, unlike Wiz was exclusively an MC; Wiz was a DJ too. Casanova Fly (Grandmaster Caz) would rap and DJ at the same time.

Since hip hop was experienced primarily via audio and not by video, most people never knew that DJ Disco Wiz was Puerto Rican and Cuban until they saw him. As explained by Kevie Kev in the book Yes Yes Yall, Prince Whipper Whip felt it necessary to keep his Afro-Puerto Rican background a secret in order to gain more positive acceptance. The audience perception of Whip as a Black-American made Rubie Dee the first public Puerto Rican MC according to the book. After DJ Disco Wiz, the second Puerto Rican DJ was an ex-salsa bassist turned DJ named Charlie Chase, who became the DJ along with DJ Tony Tone) for the Cold Crush Brothers[citation needed].

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