Lewiston, Maine

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Lewiston is a city in Androscoggin County in the U.S. state of Maine and the second-largest city in the state. The population was 41,150 at the 2007 census. It is one of two principal cities of and included within the Lewiston-Auburn, Maine Metropolitan New England City and Town Area and the Lewiston-Auburn, Maine Metropolitan Statistical Area, which as of 2006 census estimates have a combined population of 107,552. It is also part of the extended Portland-Lewiston-South Portland, Maine Combined Statistical Area which has a combined population 621,219 as of 2006 estimates.

A former industrial center, it is located in south-central Maine, at the falls of the Androscoggin River, across from Auburn. Lewiston and Auburn are often thought of as a single entity and referred to as Lewiston-Auburn, which is colloquially abbreviated as L-A or L/A, and have and a combined population of roughly 65,000 people. Together, Lewiston-Auburn is more than twice the size of Maine's third largest city, Bangor and roughly the same size as Maine's largest city, Portland. Lewiston is home to Bates College, the Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul, the University of Southern Maine's Lewiston-Auburn College, and two significant regional general hospitals: Central Maine Medical Center and Saint Mary's Regional Medical Center.


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