Libertarian National Socialist Green Party

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The Libertarian National Socialist Green Party (LNSGP) is an American organization that cites the National Socialist German Workers Party as its primary ideological inspiration, while also incorporating elements of Libertarianism and the Green movement. It has not been established whether LNSGP has any activity or existence other than through the website associated with the domain name

Identified associates of the LNSGP include Craig Smith and Robert Lindstrom, whose opinions are published on the site, and Bill White, who presented himself to national media as a spokesperson for the party website.

The LNSGP at present has no intention of gaining ballot access or fielding political candidates, and it has been suggested that it is a joke, e.g. in its entry at,[1]. The LNSPG messageboard is a gathering place for adherents of thinkers such as Savitri Devi.



The web site presents an ideological platform that combines three precepts — personal freedom, environmental improvement, and collective action — prioritized in that order. It identifies the National Socialist German Worker's Party of Adolf Hitler as its "ideological ancestor" and its symbol is the swastika on a green background (as opposed to the red background of the Nazi swastika). The site claims to borrow elements from libertarian, environmentalist, anarchist, and national socialist groups, and some European Pagan movements. The group has never been connected with the Libertarian Party or Green Party in the United States and holds positions contrary to the core tenets of both parties.

LNSGP associate Craig Smith called the party "in many ways, a postmodern reinterpretation of the historical NSDAP", and said it is "about bringing about a more traditional form of society and government while keeping a progressive attitude regarding human quality as well as cultural and scientific achievement." He expresses opposition to "the absolute hegemony of technology and money", and the alienation of "a normalized commerce-dictated global society". He claims not to "hate blacks" or view them as "inferior", yet believes them alien to "Indo-European society." He expresses support for "everyone to retain their ancient heritage and that no people should be forced to conform to a universal standard." The LNSGP is suspicious of absolute universalism and moralism, which it believes "has its origins in Middle Eastern religious dualism (i.e. Judaism, Christianity, and, to a lesser extent, Islam) and "their modern secular offshoots (e.g., humanism, liberalism, Marxism, etc)".[2]

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