Liberty X

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Liberty X (originally called Liberty) were a pop vocal group formed by the five contestants eliminated from the final ten qualifiers from the 2001 ITV show Popstars. The group consisted of Tony Lundon, Kevin Simm, Michelle Heaton, Kelli Young and Jessica Taylor. The group went on to achieve ten consecutive UK Top 20 singles, and various charting singles worldwide, meaning that these runners-up of Popstars were commercially more successful than the winners, Hear'Say.



Popstars & Formation: 2001-2002

While the five winning contestants of Popstars formed Hear'Say, the five rejects (who would have been the "backup" had there been a problem with any members in Hear'Say) formed the group Liberty. The name Liberty was chosen to reflect the freedom they enjoyed from not being under the rigid enforcements of the television company and record label that was put upon Hear'Say. Their runner-up status led to them being dubbed "Flopstars" by some commentators. However, this tag was dropped when they signed a multi-million pound record contract with Richard Branson's independent record label, V2 records and they soon became seen as a "cool" alternative to Hear'Say.

Shortly after forming, Liberty received a legal challenge in the UK High Court from a funk R&B band called Liberty who had success in the 1990s, won Capital Radio Band Of The Year, played Wembley Arena, toured Europe and released albums in the USA, Europe & UK. The original Liberty claimed that the new Liberty were taking advantage of the goodwill that they had created in the name Liberty (which in English law is the tort of passing off). The judge agreed with the original Liberty and so the new group asked readers of UK tabloid newspaper, "The Sun" to pick them a new name. The winning name was X Liberty[citation needed], though the group chose to use Liberty X.

Thinking It Over: 2002-2003

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