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In mathematics, the limit inferior (also called infimum limit, liminf, inferior limit, lower limit, or inner limit) and limit superior (also called supremum limit, limsup, superior limit, upper limit, or outer limit) of a sequence can be thought of as limiting (i.e., eventual and extreme) bounds on the sequence. The limit inferior and limit superior of a function can be thought of in a similar fashion (see limit of a function). The limit inferior and limit superior of a set are the infimum and supremum of the set's limit points, respectively. In general, when there are multiple objects around which a sequence, function, or set accumulates, the inferior and superior limits extract the smallest and largest of them; the type of object and the measure of size is context-dependent, but the notion of extreme limits is invariant.


Definition for sequences

The limit inferior of a sequence (xn) is defined by


Similarly, the limit superior of (xn) is defined by


If the terms in the sequence are real numbers, the limit superior and limit inferior always exist, as real numbers or ±∞ (i.e., on the extended real number line). More generally, these definitions make sense in any partially ordered set, provided the suprema and infima exist, such as in a complete lattice.

Whenever the ordinary limit exists, the limit inferior and limit superior are both equal to it; therefore, each can be considered a generalization of the ordinary limit which is primarily interesting in cases where the limit does not exist. Whenever lim inf xn and lim sup xn both exist, we have

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