Linus Pauling

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Linus Carl Pauling (February 28, 1901 – August 19, 1994) was an American chemist, peace activist, author, and educator. He was one of the most influential chemists in history and ranks among the most important scientists of the 20th century.[1][2] Pauling was among the first scientists to work in the fields of quantum chemistry and of molecular biology.

Pauling is one of only four individuals to have won multiple Nobel Prizes.[3] He is one of only two people awarded two Nobel Prizes in different fields (the Chemistry and Peace prizes), the other being Marie Curie (the Chemistry and Physics prizes), and the only person awarded two unshared prizes.[4]


Early years

Pauling was born in Portland, Oregon, as the first born child to Herman Henry William Pauling (1876–1910) and Lucy Isabelle "Belle" Darling (1881–1926).[5] He was named "Linus Carl," in honor of Lucy's father, Linus, and Herman's father, Carl.[6] Herman and Lucy—then 23 and 18 years old, respectively—had met at a dinner party in Condon. Six months later, the two were married.[7]

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