List of Aragonese monarchs

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This is a list of the rulers of Aragon, now a region of north-eastern Spain. The Kingdom of Aragon included the present-day autonomous community of Aragon. The Aragonese kings of the House of Barcelona also ruled the Principality of Catalonia, the Kingdom of Valencia, the Kingdom of Majorca, the Kingdom of Sicily, the Kingdom of Sardinia and Corsica, and assorted territories in the south of France, including the city of Montpellier. This state is referred to as the Crown of Aragon, as opposed to the Kingdom of Aragon (i.e. Aragon proper).


Monarchs of Aragon

House of Aragon, 1035–1410

With the death of Sancho III of Navarre, Aragon fell to his son Ramiro, who quickly elevated it into an autonomous state.

Martin was last direct descendant of Wilfred I the Hairy, Count of Barcelona to rule; died without legitimate heirs.

House of Trastámara, 1412–1516

While this dynasty is sometimes referred to as Aragonese in texts, in actually they were not part of the House of Aragon of the previous dynasty, but of the House of Trastámara, who had previously ruled the Crown of Castile.

Claimants against John II, 1462–1472

During the Catalonian Civil War, there were three who claimed his throne, though this never included the Kingdom of Valencia.

House of Habsburg, 1516–1700

Aragon itself stayed loyal to Philip IV during the Reapers' War while Catalonia switched allegiance to Louis XIII and Louis XIV of France the Sun-King, see List of Counts of Barcelona. Portugal seceded in 1640. Charles II died without heirs.

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