List of Australian Football League premiers

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This page is a complete chronological listing of Australian Football League (AFL) premiers. The Australian Football League, also known as the AFL (formerly called the Victorian Football League until 1990) is the elite competition in Australian rules football. The premiership is awarded to the club that wins the AFL Grand Final, with the exception of the league's inaugural season in 1897 and 1924, when a finals series system was used rather than a single Grand Final match.

Since the introduction by the League of equalisation policies of a salary cap and draft in the late 1980s,[1] every AFL club has played finals football. Since 1998 every club has played in a preliminary final and ten of the sixteen clubs in the league have won a premiership in the past 14 seasons. This contrasts to the 23 seasons between 1967 and 1989 when only five of the then twelve clubs won premierships.





  • The change from the VFL to the AFL and the introduction of the AFL's equalisation policies of the Salary cap and the AFL Draft[4] has resulted in a much more even spread of teams being in contention for the Premiership. Only three teams, Richmond, Fremantle and Western Bulldogs, have not made the Grand Final since 1990, with 11 different premiers in that time, compared to only five clubs winning the previous 23 premierships.[5]

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