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The Governor of Florida is the head of the executive branch of Florida's government and the commander-in-chief of the state's military forces.[2] The governor has a duty to enforce state laws, and the power to either approve or veto bills passed by the Florida legislature,[3] to convene the legislature,[4] and to grant pardons, except in cases of impeachment.[5]

When Florida was first acquired by the United States, future president Andrew Jackson served as its military governor. As a territory, five people served as governor over six distinct terms. The first territorial governor, William Pope Duval, served 12 years, the longest of any governor. Since statehood there have been 43 people who have served as governor, one of whom served two distinct terms. Three state governors have served two full four-year terms: William D. Bloxham, in two stints; and Reubin Askew and Jeb Bush, who each served their terms consecutively. The shortest term in office belongs to Wayne Mixson, who served three days following the resignation of his predecessor.

The current governor is Charlie Crist, who took office on January 2, 2007. His term expires on January 4, 2011. After that, he will be replaced by Governor-elect Rick Scott, who was elected in the 2010 election.



Military governor

Spanish Florida was acquired from Spain in the Adams–Onís Treaty, which took effect July 10, 1821.[6] Parts of West Florida had already been assigned to Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi; the remainder and East Florida were governed by the commander of the military force that had helped secure American influence in the region.

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