List of Navarrese monarchs

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This is a list of the kings of Pamplona, later Navarre. Pamplona was the primary name of the kingdom until its union with Aragon (1076–1134). However, the territorial designation Navarre came into use as an alternative name in the late tenth century, and the name Pamplona was retained well into the twelfth century.


House of Íñiguez, ? 824–905

The Íñiguez dynasty founded the Navarrese kingdom (of Pamplona) in or around 824 when they rebelled against nominal Frankish (Carolingian) authority.

House of Jiménez, 905–1234

In 905, a coalition of neighbors forced Fortún Garcés to retire to a monastery, and enthroned in his place a scion of a new dynasty. Under their reign, the name Navarre began to supplant that of Pamplona.

With the assassination of Sancho IV, Navarre was invaded by his cousins Alfonso VI of Castile and Sancho Ramirez of Aragon, and the latter made king, leading to more than half-a-century of Aragonese control.

The death of Alfonso led to a succession crisis in Aragon, and the nobles of Navarre took advantage to reestablish an independent monarchy, crowning a grandnephew (through an illegitimate brother) of the assassinated Sancho IV.

House of Champagne, 1234–1284

The death of Sancho VII, the last of the Jimenez kings, led to the crown of Navarre being inherited by the son of his sister Blanche, Countess of Champagne, she having been regent during much of her brother's reign.

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