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This is a complete list of Pokémon, fictional creatures from the eponymous franchise. This list covers over 500 Pokémon species in roughly the order of their first appearance. Pokémon can be organized according to a number of different attributes. The list provides their English names and several variants of the Japanese.

Pokémon can also be divided by the “generation” of games in which they were introduced and sorted by the other numbering systems introduced in those games. The first 151 Pokémon, introduced in Pokémon Red and Blue, have Kanto Pokédex numbers (official as of those games’ remakes), which are the same as the first 151 National Pokédex numbers. Another 100 Pokémon appeared in Pokémon Gold and Silver to expand the list to 251 for the Johto regional Pokédex (to which 5 evolutions were added when the games were remade). The Hoenn regional Pokédex included 67 of these, alongside 135 new species that debuted in Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, bringing the total to 386. Next, the fourth generation combined 81 or 100 (for the first time not all) of the 107 new creatures from Pokémon Diamond and Pearl with 70 or 110, respectively, of the previous ones to form the regional Pokédex of Sinnoh. Those 493 were completely absent from the Unova Pokédex of Pokémon Black and White, which instead consists of 156 all-new creatures.

Pokémon may also be grouped into “families” of the Pokémon(/eggs/fossils) they evolve (or hatch, or are cloned) from and into.

The Pokémon Rangers of Fiore, Almia and Oblivia use Pokédex-like devices called “Ranger Browsers”, but their numbering systems are not currently included here.

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