List of Portuguese monarchs

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This is a list of Portuguese monarchs dating from the independence of Portugal from the kingdom of León under Afonso Henriques, who proclaimed himself King in 1139, until the proclamation of the Portuguese Republic on 5 October 1910, during the reign of Manuel II, "the Patriot", or "the Missed King". Afonso I was recognized as king, in 1143, by Alfonso VII of León and Castile and, in 1179, by the Pope Alexander III. This list also includes the direct forerunners of the Kingdom of Portugal.

It includes the Portuguese rulers from the:


House of Burgundy, or Afonsine Dynasty, 1143–1383

When to date the beginning of the House of Burgundy is subject to debate. Some date it as early as the appointment of Henry of Burgundy as Count of Portugal, yet he never used any title but Count of Portugal. His widow Theresa briefly called herself, Queen Theresa of Portugal, daughter of the great Emperor Alfonso of León, but she had been forced to recognize her lands as a fief of León. In 1139, Afonso proclaimed himself King, and in 1143, his cousin and nominal overlord Alfonso VII of León granted formal recognition to this claim, maintaining vassalage only over the Leonese exclave town of Astorga. Papal recognition was not granted until 1179, when Alexander III's papal bull Manifestis Probatum placed Astorga under papal vassalage.

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