List of Quebec regions

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The province of Quebec, Canada, is officially divided into 17 administrative regions. Traditionally (and unofficially), it is divided into around twenty regions. The Institut de la Statistique du Québec estimates the July 2006 population of Quebec at 7,651,531. For a land area of 1,312,126.4 km2, this gives an estimated population density of 5.9 inhabitants per square kilometre.



Administrative regions are used to organize the delivery of provincial government services. They are also the basis of organization for regional conferences of elected officers (French: conférences régionales des élus (CRE)), with the exception of the Montérégie and Nord-du-Québec regions, which each have three CREs or equivalent bodies. (In the Nord-du-Québec region, the Kativik Regional Government and Cree Regional Authority, in addition to their other functions, play the role of a CRE).


The subregions of Montérégie and Nord-du-Québec having their own CRE are shown in italics. Municipalities with 20,000-plus populations in the 2006 Census are listed, with those 50,000 or over highlighted. In addition, the seat[1] of the relevant CRE is indicated with an asterisk (*). If its population is less than 20,000, it is shown in italics.

* Seat of relevant CRE (regional conference of elected officers)

Historical and Traditional

Quebec has a number of regions that go by historical and traditional names. Often, they have similar but distinct French and English names.

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