List of Roman place names in Britain

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A partial list of Roman place names in Great Britain.

This list includes only names documented from Roman times. For a more complete list including later Latin names, see List of Latin place names in Britain.

The early sources for Roman names show numerous variants and mis-spellings of the Latin names. Moreover one of the principal authorities, Ptolemy, wrote in Greek so names that he records need to be transliterated back into Latin to reveal the original form.

Note that in general only one source is shown below for each name, although many of the names are recorded in more than one of the sources.


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Londinium (capital of Britannia Superior) - now London
Eboracum (capital of Britannia Inferior) - now York
Camulodunum (first 'capital' of Roman Britain) - now Colchester
Bannaventa* (Northamptonshire) • Caesaromagus - now Chelmsford • Calleva Atrebatum* (Hampshire) • Corinium Dobunnorum - now Cirencester • Deva Victrix - now Chester • Durovernum Cantiacorum - now Canterbury • Durnovaria - now Dorchester • Glevum - now Gloucester • Isca Augusta - now Caerleon • Isca Dumnoniorum - now Exeter • Isurium Brigantum - now Aldborough • Lactodurum - now Towcester • Lindum Colonia - now Lincoln • Luguvalium - now Carlisle • Moridunum - now Carmarthen • Noviomagus Reginorum - now Chichester • Petuaria - now Brough-on-Humber • Ratae Corieltauvorum - now Leicester • Venta Belgarum - now Winchester • Venta Icenorum* (Norfolk) • Venta Silurum - now Caerwent • Verulamium - now St Albans • Viroconium Cornoviorum* (Shropshire)

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