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This is a complete list of the states of the United States and its major territories ordered by total area, land area, and water area. The water area figures include inland, coastal, Great Lakes, and territorial waters. Glaciers and intermittent water features are counted as land area.[1]

US states by total area

US states by land area

US states by water area

US states by water percentage

Alaska is the largest state by total area, land area, and water area

The area of Alaska is 21% of the area of the contiguous United States

The second largest state, Texas, is only 40% of the total area of the largest state, Alaska

Rhode Island is the smallest state by total area and land area

Michigan is second (after Alaska) in water area, and first in water percentage

Florida is mostly a peninsula, and has the third largest water area and seventh largest water area percentage

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All data is provided by the United States Census Bureau (see Summary of 2000 Census – tables 1 and 17). This document notes that the values for the Minor Outlying Islands are only approximate.

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