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Some fictional universes feature useful guidebooks which assist the hero and friends through difficult situations.

Features of a great fictional guidebook: Such books are ideally compact enough to carry on even the most strenuous adventures, yet detailed enough to contain exactly the information the reader needs at that particular point in the plot.

Many guidebooks are electronic in nature; some can access relevant information through a wireless connection.


List of fictional guidebooks

Real Guidebooks to Fictional Matters

A few guides to fictional places have also been published. The 1996 book Paris out of hand, by Karen Elizabeth Gordon, Barbara Hodgson, and Nick Bantock, is a guide to a fictionalized version of Paris. There are guidebooks to the fictional countries of Molvanîa: The Land that Dentistry Forgot (2003), Phaic Tăn: Sunstroke on a Shoestring (2004) and San Sombrèro: A Land of Carnivals, Cocktails and Coups (2006), written by Tom Gleisner, Santo Cilauro, and Rob Sitch.

The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks offers advice for survival in the event of an attack by the living dead. Based on its popularity, similar guides have been written offering tips for surviving alien invasions, robot uprisings, and assorted cinema-inspired apocalypses.

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