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Some common conventions:


Å - Ångström,

A - Ampere, Area, a Blood type, a Spectral type, Vector potential, Work,

B - B meson, a Blood type, Boron, Luminance, Magnetic field, a Spectral type,

C - Carbon, Degrees Celsius, Set of complex numbers, Coulomb, Molar heat capacity (Cp), a Programming language, Specific heat capacity,

D - Deuterium, Differential operator, Electric displacement,

E - Electric field, Energy, SI prefix: (exa-), Expected value,

F - degrees Fahrenheit, Farad, Fluorine, Force, Helmholtz free energy, a Spectral type,

G - Einstein tensor, SI prefix: (giga-), Gibbs free energy, Gravitational constant, Green's function, Momentum, a Spectral type,

H - Auxiliary magnetic field, Enthalpy, Hamiltonian, Hankel function, Heaviside step function, Henry, Higgs boson, Homology group, Hubble constant, Hydrogen, Set of Quaternions,

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