List of mayors of New York City

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The Mayor of New York City is the chief executive of the government of New York City, as stipulated by the Charter of the City of New York.

This list through 1897 includes the mayors of (roughly) what is now considered Manhattan and (after 1874) portions of The Bronx only. The five boroughs (Manhattan, the Bronx, Kings, Queens and Staten Island) were consolidated in 1898. See History of New York City.

The current Mayor of New York City, and 108th person to be mayor, is Michael Bloomberg, twice elected as a Republican and now an independent.

During the Dutch colonial period from 1625 to 1664, New Amsterdam was governed by a Director-General. For the year prior to the establishment of the office of Mayor of New York in 1665, New York was run by Richard Nicolls, who was the British Military Governor of the Province of New York. Prior to 1680, Mayors served one year terms. As of 1680, they served two year terms. Exceptions are noted thus (*). Thomas Willett was the first person to be specifically appointed Mayor

American Party, and Democrats

Mayors since the 1898 Consolidation


Living former mayors

As of March 2008, three former mayors were alive, the oldest being Edward I. Koch (1978–1989, born 1924). The most recent mayor to die was Abraham D. Beame (1974–1977), on February 10, 2001.

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