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Lois McMaster Bujold (born November 2, 1949, Columbus, Ohio) is an American author of science fiction and fantasy works. Bujold is one of the most acclaimed writers in her field, having won the prestigious Hugo Award for best novel four times, matching Robert A. Heinlein's record. Her novella "The Mountains of Mourning" won both the Hugo Award and Nebula Award. In the fantasy genre, The Curse of Chalion won the Mythopoeic Award for Adult Literature and was nominated for the 2002 World Fantasy Award for best novel, and both her fourth Hugo Award and second Nebula Award were for Paladin of Souls.



Bujold is the daughter of Robert Charles McMaster[1][2] and attributes her early interest in science fiction, as well as certain aspects of the Vorkosigan Saga, to his influence. He was editor[3] of the monumental Nondestructive Testing Handbook[4] generally referred to as McMaster on Materials.

Bujold writes that her experience growing up with a world-famous father is reflected in the same experience that her characters (Miles, Fiametta) have of growing up in the shadow of a "Great Man." She wonders why the insecurity complex and syndrome is known as "Son of the Great Man" instead of "Daughter of the Great Man."

Her brother, like her father, is also an engineer. Her brother helped provide technical details to support her writing of Falling Free.

Bujold currently lives in Minnesota. She is divorced and has two children.

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