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Utva Aviation Industry is an aircraft factory located in Pančevo, Serbia. Founded 1937 in Zemun, known for its light sporting and training aircraft. Previously, the company was named "Utva", but in 1996 it was immersed with Lola another factory from Železnik. In 2005 company ownership was re-examined and the company changed its name to Utva Aircraft Industry as it is known today.

During the NATO air strikes against Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in 1999 the factory was severely damaged.


Current projects

Utva G-4M Super Galeb

The G-4M Super Galeb is a prototype version of the generic G-4 Super Galeb. The prototype included, advanced avionics and higher-rated hardpoints complemented by a missile rail at each wingtip.

Lasta 95

New primary training plane.[1] Serbian Air Force ordered 16 planes, Iraq ordered 20 planes so far.[2]

Utva 96

Currently, Utva is trying to replace the Utva 75, which is becoming an excessively aged model. The Utva 96 will be the 75's successor. Currently the 96 is being developed as a prototype.

Types of produced planes

  • 212
  • 213 'Vihor' ('maelstrom')
  • Aero 3
  • Trojka
  • 56
  • 60
    • 60-AT1
    • 60-AT2
    • 60-AG (agricultural versions)
    • 60-AM (air ambulance)
    • 60H (float plane)
    • 60 V-51
  • 65
    • 65 'Privrednik' ('Agriculturist')
    • 65 'Privrednik'-IO
    • 65 'SuperPrivrednik'-350
  • 66
    • 66-AM (air ambulance)
    • 66H
    • 66V
    • 66 Super STOL
  • 75
    • 75A21
    • 75A41
    • 75AG11
    • 75 V-53
  • Lasta 95
  • Utva 96
  • Mini UAV Raven
  • Medium UAV





Utva Lasta


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