Louis, Duke of Savoy

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Louis I (Ludovico I or Lodovico I in Italian; 21 February 1412/1413 – 29 January 1465) was Duke of Savoy from 1440 until his death.



He was born at Geneva the son of Antipope Felix V and Mary of Burgundy (1380–1422); he was the first to hold the title of Prince of Piedmont. He married at Chambéry on 1 November 1433 (or 12 February 1434) Anne of Cyprus, a Princess and an heiress of Cyprus and Jerusalem (she was the secondary heiress all her lifetime, as her niece Queen Charlotte of Cyprus outlived her) and a daughter of King Janus of Cyprus. During his reign, the Savoyard troops attempted a conquest of the Milan, then under the Repubblica Ambrosiana, but they failed.

In 1453 he received, from Margaret de Charny, the Shroud of Turin, which would be property of the house of Savoy until 1946, at the end of the Kingdom of Italy. The Shroud of Turin was bequeathed to the Holy See in 1983. He may also have been one of Leonardo da Vinci's later patrons.

Louis died at Lyon in 1465, while returning from France.

Family and issue

Louis and Anne of Cyprus had 18 children, 5 of whom died young:


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