Louis Lucien Bonaparte

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Louis Lucien Bonaparte (January 4, 1813November 3, 1891) was the third son of Napoleon's second surviving brother, Lucien Bonaparte. He was born at Thorngrove, mansion in Grimley, Worcestershire, England, where his family were temporarily interned after having been captured by the British en route to America [1]

A philologist and politician, he spent his youth in Italy and did not go to France until 1848, when he served two brief terms in the Assembly as representative for Corsica (1848) and for the Seine départements (1849) before moving to London, where he spent most of the remainder of his life [1].

His classification of dialects of the Basque language is still used.

He also denounced William Pryce for having plagiarized the research of Edward Lhuyd into Cornish and other Celtic languages.

Louis Lucien Bonaparte died at Fano, Italy. He is buried at St. Mary's Roman Catholic Cemetery, Kensal Green.[1].


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