Lucifer (Marvel Comics)

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Lucifer is the name of two unrelated comic book characters from Marvel Comics. One is an alien supervillain of the X-Men and the other is a villain of Ghost Rider and is referred as the Prince of Darkness.


Lucifer (Quists)

Lucifer is a fictional character, an alien supervillain in the Marvel Comics universe. His first appearance was in The X-Men (Vol.1) #9.

Lucifer is an agent of the Quists, an alien race who are also known as the Arcane.

Fictional character biography

An alien, the being known as Lucifer was born on the planet Quistalium, in the Quistraa star system in the Milky Way Galaxy. He first came to Earth as an advance agent for the invasion of Earth by the Arcane (also known as the Quists). This invasion, however, was foiled by the young Charles Xavier (later Professor X, leader of the X-Men). In retaliation, Lucifer dropped an enormous stone block on Xavier, leaving his legs crippled so that he would need a wheelchair.

Lucifer made several later attempts to conquer Earth, all foiled by the X-Men or other heroes, although one of his attempts did force the first X-Men team to confront the original Avengers due to a misunderstanding.

Lucifer returned to Earth years after crippling Xavier, and battled Professor Xavier once again in the Balkan Mountains.[1] Lucifer later manipulated the Blob and Unus into framing the X-Men as criminals. He revealed how he rendered Xavier a cripple years ago. He was thwarted by the X-Men, and teleported from Earth by the Quistalian Supreme one for punishment.[2]

Lucifer was exiled to an alternate realm known as the "Nameless Dimension." There, he somehow used "ionic energy" to give himself superhuman strength and the ability to project force beams from his hands, in addition to his apparently pre-existing telepathic powers. He continued to try conquering Earth by using his "dimensional transmitter" to imbue humans with ionic energy and turning them into his minions. He first "fused" with Charlie Gray, although Gray fought and defeated Lucifer.[3] Lucifer later fused simultaneously with criminal Rafe Michel and Aries of the Zodiac crime cartel. Michel and Aries fought Captain America and the Falcon. Lucifer became trapped in the "Nameless Dimension" again when both hosts died.[4] Lucifer's masters ultimately apparently "terminated" him for his failures, and replaced him with the computer Dominus.[5]

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