Luxembourgian euro coins

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Luxembourgish euro coins feature three different designs, though they all contain the portrait or effigy of Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg. The designs, by Yvette Gastauer-Claire, also contain the 12 stars of the EU flag, the year of imprint and the name of the country in the Luxembourgish language: Lëtzebuerg. Luxembourg does not mint its own coins. The Koninklijke Nederlandse Munt (Royal Dutch Mint), in Utrecht, the Netherlands, produced Luxembourgish coins dated 2002–2004 and again from 2009 onward. Rahapaja Oy (Mint of Finland), in Helsinki, Finland, produced the coins dated 2005–2006. Monnaie de Paris (Mint of Paris), in Pessac, France, produced coins dated 2007-2008.

The Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg appears on the coins facing to the left.[1] He was not featured on the Luxembourgish franc as he only became Grand Duke in 2000 following the abdication of his father, Jean. Jean's portrait on the francs showed him facing to the right and it is common in a number of countries for successive monarchs to alternate the direction they faced on coins. Other euro coins issued by member states which are monarchies show their monarchs facing to the left, in common with the effigy on their legacy currencies.


Luxembourgish euro design

For images of the common side and a detailed description of the coins, see euro coins.

Circulating Mintage quantities

Future changes to national sides

The Commission of the European Communities issued a recommendation on 19 December 2008, a common guideline for the national sides and the issuance of euro coins intended for circulation. One section of this recommendation stipulates that:

Since Luxembourgish low denominations euro coins place the indication of the member's name instead of the 12 stars of the union, a new design on the Luxembourgish euro coins is expected in the near future to comply with these new guidelines, although nothing officially has been announced yet.[3]

€2 commemorative coins

Effigy and Monogram of Grand Duke Henri (2004)

50th Birthday of Grand Duke Henri, 5th Anniversary of his Accession to the Throne and 100th Anniversary of the Death of Grand Duke Adolphe (2005)

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