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Lycoris, (formerly Redmond Linux Corp.), was started in the year 2000 with the intent to make free software easy enough for anyone to use.[1] Redmond Linux was founded by Joseph Cheek, an entrepreneur who had previously worked for Linuxcare.[2] In late 2001 it merged with embedded systems company DeepLinux; the merged entity was named Redmond Linux Corporation.[3] The company's first product was Redmond Linux Personal, an easy-to-use Linux desktop operating system. The company was renamed Lycoris in January 2002 and its assets were acquired by Mandriva on June 15, 2005.[4]

The flagship product of Lycoris was Lycoris Desktop/LX, a Linux distribution. The company was based in Maple Valley, Washington, USA.[5] Lycoris is currently part of Mandriva.

Lycoris Desktop/LX

Lycoris Desktop/LX installer was originally based on Caldera's Workstation 3.1 Linux distribution with the rest of the distribution built from the kernel up.[6][7] The desktop and applications looked a lot like Microsoft Windows XP, right down to the background image[8] that shipped with the software.[9]


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