Macau International Airport

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Macau International Airport (traditional Chinese: 澳門國際機場; Jyutping: ou3mun4*2 gwok3zai3 gei1coeng4; Portuguese: Aeroporto Internacional de Macau) (IATA: MFMICAO: VMMC) situated at the eastern end of Taipa island and neighbouring waters, is the only airport in Macau, which opened for commercial operations in November 1995. Since then the airport has been a common transfer point for people traveling between mainland China and Taiwan, as well as a passenger hub for destinations in mainland China and Southeast Asia. During 2006, the airport handled 5 million passengers and 220,000 tonnes of cargo.[4]

As in Hong Kong, Macau has its own immigration policies and is a separate customs territory from mainland China. All travellers, including those to mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan need to go through the immigration and customs inspections of international flights.



The airport was opened in November 1995, during Portuguese rule. Before then the territory only had 2 temporary airports for small aeroplanes, in addition to several permanent heliports. Cathay Pacific operated seaplane service between Hong Kong and Macau in the late 1940s. The only air services Macau had in the 1990s were helicopter services operated by East Asia Airlines to Hong Kong.

Former air facilities in Macau:

  • Portuguese Naval Aviation seaplane base on Taipa Island 1927-1933; 1937-1940
  • Portuguese Naval Aviation seaplane base in the Outer Harbour - southeast side of the mainland 1940-1942
  • Temporary airstrip on Coloane
  • Hong Kong-Macau Ferry Pier, Macau heliport

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