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Iulius Valerius Maiorianus (420 ca. – Tortona, August 7, 461), commonly known as Majorian, was the Western Roman Emperor from 457 to his death.

A general of the Late Roman army, he deposed Emperor Avitus and succeeded him. Majorian's reign was marked by his noteworthy efforts to gain back the lost imperial provinces – in particular Gallia, Hispania and Africa – and to reform the imperial administration in order to make it more efficient and just. But his policies were neutralised by treasons. Some soldiers of his army caused the loss of the fleet that Majorian had gathered to recover Africa province from the Vandals, while his general Ricimer deposed and killed Majorian, who had become unpopular with the senatorial aristocracy because of his reforms.

Majorian was the last of the Western Roman Emperors who was able to try to recover the Western Empire on its own forces. His successors until the fall of the Empire, in 476/480, were actually instruments in the hands of their barbarian generals, or emperors chosen and controlled by the Eastern Roman court. The 18th century historian Edward Gibbon wrote about Majorian that:


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