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Manchuria is a historical name given to a vast geographic region in northeast Asia. Depending on the definition of its extent, Manchuria usually[2][3] falls entirely within the People's Republic of China, or is sometimes divided between China and Russia. The region is commonly referred to as Northeast China (simplified Chinese: 东北; traditional Chinese: 東北; pinyin: Dōngběi), and historically referred as Guandong (關東/关东; pinyin: guāndōng), which literally means "East of the (Shanhaiguan) Pass/Mountain".

This region is the traditional homeland of the Xianbei (鮮卑/鲜卑), Khitan (契丹), and Jurchen (女真), who built several dynasties in northern China. The region is also the home of the Manchus, after whom Manchuria is named.


Extent of Manchuria

Manchuria can refer to any one of several regions of various size. These are, from smallest to largest:

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