Marked for Death

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Marked for Death is a 1990 action film directed by Dwight H. Little. It stars Steven Seagal as John Hatcher, a former law enforcement agent. Upon moving back to his home town, Hatcher finds it taken over by a gang of vicious Jamaican drug dealers, led by Screwface. The only film starring Steven Seagal distributed by 20th Century Fox. until 2010s Machete.

The film is widely considered by fans and critics alike to be one of Seagal's very best films, due to the fight scenes integrating heavy elements of aikido, as well as use of weapons and arm dislocations. Seagal supposedly studied Obeah, a west Indian term for black magic rituals in depth to make the film.



Chicago DEA agent John Hatcher (Seagal) has just returned from Colombia, where his partner Chico (Delmonte) was killed in a confrontation with drug dealers, and John killed the dealers who killed Chico. As a result of Chico's death, John has decided to retire.

One night, John and his friend Max (David), a local high school football team's head coach, go to a bar. A gun fight breaks out between local drug dealers and a Jamaican gang called the Jamaican Posse, whose leader is a drug kingpin known as Screwface. Hatcher arrests one of Screwface's henchmen as the gunfight ends.

The next day, Screwface and some of his henchmen get revenge by shooting up the house that John, his sister Melissa (Gracen), and Melissa's 12-year-old daughter Tracy (Harris) live in. Tracy gets shot and is hospitalized in critical condition.

Hatcher encounters a gangster named Jimmy Fingers (DiBenedetto) and unsuccessfully tries to get him to tell him where Screwface might be and is forced to kill him. Another Jamaican named Nesta (Evans) arrives and Hatcher is able to sit him down but Nesta tells him to go after Screwface alone and jumps out the window to his death.

Hatcher comes out of retirement to join Max in a battle against Screwface, who later breaks into Hatcher's home and is about to kill Melissa with his men, but Screwface leaves upon Hatcher's arrival.

The next day, Hatcher and Max get into a fight with Screwface's henchmen during a car chase. The fight moves on to a mall after the henchmen's car crashes and where the duo kill all of the men there. Hatcher now realizes that the only way to stop the Jamaican Posse is to bring down Screwface.

Teaming up with a Jamaican cop named Charles (Wright), who has been trailing Screwface for years, Hatcher and Max head for Kingston, Jamaica to find Screwface, whom Hatcher decapitates after a brief swordfight.

Back in Chicago, Hatcher displays Screwface's severed head to the Jamaican Posse to get them to leave town. However, Screwface seems to return from the dead and kills Charles, causing the meeting to erupt into chaos. Max holds off the henchmen in a gunfight, while Hatcher gets into a swordfight with Screwface's brother (the identical twin of Screwface who actually killed Charles). Hatcher kills Screwface's brother by gouging his eyes to blind him, breaking his back, followed by dropping him down an elevator shaft, in which he gets impaled upon landing.

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